Wholesaling for Quick Cash

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Wholesaling – The Opportunity

Are you interested in getting started in Real Estate Investing but don’t want to jump into fixing and flipping houses just yet?
Want to get your feet wet first? Or are you just looking for another steady income stream?

Well you’ve come to the right place! Wholesaling is the best way to get started in Real Estate Investing and you can turn a profit very quickly. In our 6 week wholesaling course, we’ll show you how you can find discounted properties and sell them to investors for big profits!

Week One | How to Find Potential Property Opportunities

  • Create a Pipeline of Deals - What’s Working in Today’s Market
  • What Type of Deals are The Best Ones To Go for When Wholesaling
  • How to Find Your First Three Wholesale Opportunities Within 60 Days

Week Two | Conversations That Convert to Contracts

  • How To Negotiate with Sellers
  • Get the Best Deal Possible
  • Create a Win-Win Every Time

Week Three | Property Analysis

  • How To Properly Analyze the Repair Costs on Project
  • How To Determine After Repair Value (ARV)
  • What Are the Key Factors Ensure It’s a A Good Wholesale Opportunity
  • The Important Soft Costs You Need to Factor In for Success
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Week Four | How to Make the Sale

  • Finding and Generating Interest from Potential Rehabbers
  • How to Create a Huge Buyers List
  • Creating a Killer Marketing Packet To Get Rehabbers Interested in Your Deals

Week Five | Keeping it Legal

  • What Entity Type (LLC vs Trust) should you use?
  • How to Structure the Deal Legally
  • Sample Legal Documents

Week Six | Putting the Pieces Together

  • Creating the right process to drive success!
  • Our Biggest lessons learned
  • Live Case Studies

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